Formlabs Officially Retires the Form 1+

Posted April 21st, 2017

A fond farewell to a memorable introduction. Last month, 3D hardware manufacturer Formlabs announced that the Form 1+ will be officially retired. In a not so shocking surprise, in much part due to the rising success of their successor model, the Form 2, Formlabs has announced that support for the Form 1+ will continue "for as long as we reasonably can."

Formlabs will continue to honor existing warranties, provide support, and offer consumables for sale for a limited time. For existing warranties, replacement parts and replacement units will also continue to be offered. 

As the Form 1 and Form 1+ help Formlabs grow into the top SLA desktop 3D printer manufacturer in the world, Formlabs recently followed up with their chain of success with the release of the Formlabs Form 2. Now with a rapidly growing user base, an expanding resin material library, and a new developer community program, the Form 2 has elapsed its predecessors to become the industry standard for high-end users. With a number of new features, users can enjoy a revamped laser system and a cartridge-based resin system to minimize printing hassles. 

For more information regarding the Form 2, please visit: Formlabs Form 2

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