3D scanning has never been easier! Always seeking to innovate, Artec 3D offers the most advanced in 3D technology. Artec 3D Professional handheld 3D scanners are the ultimate tool for industrial, healthcare, and design applications. 

    With multiple scanners to choose from, streamline engineering, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, science and education, with high precision, easy-to-use 3D scanning technology.

  2. Space Spider

    Engineered and enhanced for CAD users and engineers, the Artec Space Spider is a high resolution 3D scanner that incorporates brand new blue light technology. Perfect for capturing small objects and the most intricate detail for large industrial objects, users can enjoy high resolution 3D scans with steadfast accuracy and brilliant color. 

    The Space Spider inches its way towards providing near unlimited possibilities in a field of areas such as reserve engineering, quality control, product design, and manufacturing. With precision at your finger tips, the Space Spider takes many design and operational processes to the next level!

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  3. Spider

    Engineered for specialization in scanning smaller objects and capturing higher detail, the Artec Spider is a premier choice in high resolution 3D scanning. Named best Hardware at Solidworks World 2015, the Spider offers high quality scanning capabilities for areas such as media design and heritage preservation while users no longer need to focus on repeating data capture processes in the long-term. 

    With fast scanning at 7.5 fps (frames per second), the Spider processes up to one million points per second, far quicker than a laser scanner. The Spider provides higher accuracy without the sacrifice of spending more scanning time!

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  4. Eva

    Light, fast and versatile, the Artec Eva is an innovative market leader in handheld 3D scanners. Engineered on safe-to-use structured light technology, Eva is the solution for capturing objects of almost any kind. 

    With its easy to use features, the Eva excels heavily in amazing speed and precision scanning. Used through a number of industries, the Eva is a popular choice among rapid prototyping and quality control processes.

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Design and Manufacturing

Streamline A Wide Range of Different Industries

Artec Scanners provide numerous enhancement opportunities in Industrial Design and Manufacturing areas such as:
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Quality Control
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Aerospace


Develop New Healthcare Solutions

With new changes to collecting data, users can develop new medical solutions and techniques in areas that include:
  • Orthopedics
  • Prosthetics
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Custom Wheelchairs

Science Education

Broaden Activities and Curriculum

Learning only continues further with Artec 3D Scanners. Develop new educational resources in numerous areas such as:
  • Research
  • Training
  • Simulation
  • Online Museums

Art and Preservation

Enhance and Preserve Creativity

The use of Artec 3D Scanners serves as a tool for numerous industries. Most notably, Artec has engineered their scanners to also specialize in art and design. Artec Scanners can be used as a tool in various areas that include:
  • Heritage Preservation
  • Architecture
  • CGI
  • Fashion
  1. 3D Formula 1 Car

    Using a combination of the Eva 3D Scanner and Reverse Engineering Solutions, British company Central Scanning and leading CAD & CAM solutions supplier Delcam, constructed a scale model of the Delcam company Formula 1 race car.

    The car was scanned and then modeled in reverse engineering software. In order to scan the car appropriately, good stable lighting and minimal direct sunlight was required. The completed 250MB STL model consisting of 8.5 million triangles can be seen in the video below:

  2. Interactive 3D Skull Museum

    New topics are attended to everyday on college campuses across the world. For St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, the attention of bone fossils has been the center of attention for the campus Visualization Lab Team (aka the VizLab).

    Using the Artec's Spider and Studio 10 software, the VizLab team has spent a significant amount of time creating a virtual library of bone skulls ranging from animals to humanoid samples. The project has become a campus resource while it has also pushed for further research on fossils.

  3. 3D Presidential Portrait

    3D scanning doesn't just pertain to scanning life-less objects! With Artec 3D scanners, an opportunity to scan humans is a new opportunity all of us can explore. Such is the case for the President of the United States. The first ever 3D presidential portrait was created using a Eva 3D scan of President Barack Obama. 

    Inspired by former President Abraham Lincoln's life masks, President Obama was asked to stand still for 90 seconds while two individuals circled him with two Eva scanners. The process can be seen in the video below: 

  4. Human Body Scanning

    3D scanning is no longer limited to standstill objects! With the Artec Eva, individuals can use 3D scanning to scan live human individuals to capture high quality detail. The uses of human body scanning can be very beneficial to numerous industries. The image you see behind this information is of two prosthetics of two leg calf muscles. What makes these two prosthetics special is they are specifically scanned from an injured girl and intended to be identical to her legs prior to her injury. View the video below for a quick preview on scanning the human body.