Design Optimization

Design Optimization & Lightweight Designs

  • Design lightweight parts using internal lattices.
  • Vary the thickness and spatial density of internal lattice structures and surface skins.
  • Test how you design performs under load using the design simulation functionality.
  • The built-in optimization engine automatically verifies and optimizes lattices and skins.
  • Make a product stiff in one area while flexible in other regions.
  • Create cavities within products to reduce the volume of material used.

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Hybrid Manufacturing

Additive and Subtractive Workflows

Netfabb pushes forth integrated workflows that connect build preparation, printing, and post-processing. Take advantage of Autodesk PowerShape technology to design and plan near-net shapes for additive subtractive manufacturing. 

  • Import, analyze, and repair common file formats, such as SolidWorks®, Catia®, NX® and others and keep them in solid form throughout the workflow.
  • Take advantage of specific strategies for drilling and milling.
  • Manage design changes and maintain the integrity of geometric features.


Build Preparation

Import, Analyze, & Repair

Quickly prepare, optimize, and validate your 3D designs for additive manufacturing with a flexible set of editing tools that will assist you in creating high precision 3D prints.

  • Quickly import a wide variety of common CAD formats.
  • Repair hundreds of parts at a time with fully automatic batch repair mode.
  • Powerful manual repair tools designed to cut out errors and edit meshes.
  • Measuring tools to manually check wall thickness and dimensions of holes.
  • Automatic wall thickness detection to check the entire model for minimum wall thickness.


Process Simulation

Flexible Cloud Option

Explore design and process optimization strategies in a safe environment, reducing design time, and development costs while improving part performance. Active Netfabb subscribers now have access to a free technology preview of the advantages of the power of the cloud. Increase computing capacity and get fast, accurate metal process simulation results without having to invest in more hardware. 

Machine Integration

NEW Collaborative Multi-Head 3D Printing

Available with the next release, Autodesk Netfabb incorporates technology that intelligently distributes tool paths between multiple print heads working in unison on a single printer, helping you print bigger parts faster.

  • Create industrial-scale 3D prints faster.
  • Control technology intelligently distributes tool paths between multiple print heads working in unison on a single printer.
  • Open source software is available for machine manufacturers to create machines with multiple print-heads.

Software Screenshots