1. Form 2
    Professional 3D printing on your desktop.

    Create rugged engineering prototypes, intricate artwork, or complex, watertight structures. 

    The Form 2 is your team’s tool to innovate.

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  2. Education & Research
    Creativity is a pathway waiting to be explored. Take CAD designs from the computer screen to in-hand, physical models like never before. The Form 2 is the ultimate tool for educators, students, and researchers. With the Form 2, users have access to:
    • Rapid iterations
    • Watertight prints
    • Excellent detail
    • Smooth surfaces for mold-making
    • Cost effective printing for small batch production


  3. Engineering & Product Design
    Through 3D printing, the Form 2 provides the opportunity for engineers to experiment with physical prototypes. Engineers can focus on designs that are centered on extreme structural complexity, interoperability, and reuse. Perfect for pushing the boundaries of design and experimentation, the Form 2 offers engineers:
    • Rapid and cost-effective prototyping
    • Quickly validate precision and fit
    • 3D print to injection mold
    • Look-and-feel prototypes
    • Library of high-performance materials


  4. Model Making & Entertainment
    Prior to the Form 2, the ability to truly bring digital concepts beyond the computer screen was at a standstill. A majority of 3D printing tools used were stages behind in terms of capability and innovation. The Form 2 takes the next step in delivering incredible detail and seamless performance at an affordable price point. The Form 2 offers many opportunities to industries that specialize in: 
    • Stop-motion Films
    • Cinema Special Effects
    • Toy Models & Video Games
  5. Prototyping & Manufacturing
    The Form 2 offers manufacturers a more beneficial production process that aims to decrease assembly time and production costs. 3D printing with the Form 2 offers manufacturers the chance to develop and further perfect designs. In addition, manufacturers can take a step further in also 3D printing many of the tools used on a regular daily basis. With the Form 2, manufacturers will benefit from:
    • Rapid and cost-effective prototyping
    • Quick validation of precision and fit



Engineered for precision and designed for reliability, the Form 2 is trusted by professionals worldwide.
With a 40% bigger build volume, and a 50% more powerful laser guided by custom precision optics, the Form 2 is capable of large prints with spectacular detail.



Formlabs reinvented stereolithography (SLA) technology, making it possible to achieve industrial-grade print quality at a fraction of the cost.
The Form 2’s new slide peel mechanism and heated resin tank creates a reliable process for a range of prints: from solid parts to intricate details.



The Form 2’s new resin system automatically dispenses materials based on the size of your prints. This means you can print big parts without pausing for refills. In addition the new integrated resin system allows for less mess and longer tank life.



Easily send prints over wifi, reprint previous jobs, and manage your print queue with our new touchscreen interface and wireless connectivity. 
Stay informed wherever you are. Your Printer Dashboard allows you to access your Form 2 from anywhere. Keep track of previous print jobs and resin usage with your mobile Formlabs Dashboard app.