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ProJet 660Pro 3D Printer

ProJet 660Pro

Model ProJet 660Pro
Manufacturer 3D Systems
Resolution 600 x 540 dpi
Minimum Feature Size 0.004 inches
  (0.1 mm)
Color (number of unique colors per part) 390,000 colors
  (top-of-the-line color)
Automated Setup and Self Monitoring Yes
Automated Powder Loading Yes
Powder Recycling Yes
Automatic Build Bed Clearing Yes
Fine Powder Removal Integrated
Snap-in Binder Cartridges Yes
Intuitive Control Panel Yes
Vertical Build Speed 1.1 inch/hour
  (28 mm/hour)
Prototypes per day* 33
Build Size 10 x 15 x 8 inches
  (254 x 381 x 203 mm)
Material High performance
Layer Thickness 0.0035 – 0.004 inches
  (0.09 – 0.1 mm)
Number of Jets 1520
Number of Print Heads 5
Equipment Dimensions 74 x 29 x 57 inches
  (188 x 74 x 145 cm)
Equipment Weight 750 lbs (340 kg)
Power Requirements 100-240V, 15-7.5A
File Formats for Printing STL, VRML, PLY, 3DS,
Workstation Compatibility Windows® 7,
  Windows Vista®
CE, CSA Regulatory Compliance Yes
Special Facility Requirements Shop Air
Office Compatibility Yes


The ProJet 660Pro - Premium Color, Highest Resolution, Largest Build Size
  • Color:  390,000 colors (5 print heads, including black) 
  • Resolution:  600 x 540 dpi
  • Minimum Feature Size: 0.004 inches (0.1 mm) 
  • Automation:  Full (automated setup and self monitoring / automated powder loading / automated powder recycling and removal / snap-in binder cartridges / intuitive control panel)
  • Vertical Build Speed:  1.1 inch/hour (28 mm/hour) 
  • Build Size:  10 x 15 x 8 inches (254 x 381 x 203 mm) 
  • Material Options:  High Performance Composite 
  • Layer Thickness:  0.0035 inches - 0.004 inches (0.089 - 0.102 mm) 
  • Number of Jets:  1520


  • The ProJet 660Pro features a new printing mode delivers 3D parts 35% faster by printing in a slightly lower resolution in a single dark gray/black monochrome color increasing printer productivity and user options
  • All new color options designed specfically for the ProJet 660Pro
  • Pastel for more realistic, true-to-life color
  • Vibrant for more bold and vivid color
  • Combined these new color settings represent a nearly 10% increase in selectable colors versus the capabilities just a few months ago, and represents more than 90% of the colors available in Adobe Photoshop in the Pro models
  • Monitor your ProJet 660Pro using a table computer of smartphone
  • The ProJet 660Pro comes with the all new 3DPrint client and 3DEdit Pro file editing software, which feature improved tools and functionality
  • Genuine VisiJet PXL materials provide optimal performance and user experience
Get Uniquely Full Color With the ProJet 660Pro
  • Color and high quality dramatically communicate design intent with the ProJet 660Pro
  • Produce realistic color models in one step and without paint
  • Better communicate the look, feel and style of product designs
  • 3D prit text labels, logos, design comments or images directly onto models
  • A range of options from monochrome printing to professional quality color
  • Multiple print heads provide the best rand of accurate and consistent colors
ProJet x60 Printers Have The Fastest 3D Print Speeds
  • The ProJet 660Pro is 5x-10x faster than all other technologies
  • Output 3D models in hours, not days
  • Build multiple 3D models at the same time with the ProJet 660Pro
  • Support an entire department with ease
The ProJet 660Pro Is Safe, Office Friendly & Easy To Use
  • Ideal for everyday use in any standard office or school environment
  • The ProJet 660Pro is quite, safe, odor free
  • Continuous negative pressur for containing airborne particles
  • Eco-friendly, non-hazardous build materials used for all ProJet x60 3D printers
  • Zero liquid waste
  • No physical support structures to remove with dangerous cutting tools or toxic chemicals
  • Requires minimal training and expertise
  • Intuitive control panel for easy operation
Lowest Operating Cost - Affordable For All Environments
  • Unused core materials is recycled for the next build
  • No supports necessary
  • Part costs a fraction of the competition
  • Based on reliable, affordable ColorJet Printing technology
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