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Cubify Design

Cubify Design

Model Cubify Design
Manufacturer CubeX
Installs and Operatg System Support
Number of Allowed Installations 1
Native 32 Bit Support Yes
Native 64 bit Support Upgrade to Pro
Integrated Tutorials Yes
Instant-On Live Support Yes
Easy, Streamlined User Interface Yes
3D Modeling
Accurate Physical Properties Yes
Parametric Part Modeling Yes
Parametric Assembly Modeling Yes
Drag-And-Drop Constraint Management Yes
Excel Driven Designs Yes
Accurate Assembly Motion Yes
Interference Detection Yes
Re-User 2D Files Yes
Standard Part Libraries Upgrade to Pro
Direct Editing For Push/Pull Modeling Upgrade to Expert
Intelligent Part Class & Assembly Class Design Upgrade to Expert
Sheet Metal Modeling
Basic Sheet Metal Design Upgrade to Pro
Contour Flange Tool Upgrade to Expert
Lofted Flange Tool Upgrade to Expert
Convert Solid Parts To Sheet Metal Parts Upgrade to Expert
Design Communication
Basic 3D PDF Publishing Yes
Advanced 3D PDF Publishing Upgrade to Pro
PhotoRealistics Rendering Upgrade to Pro
2D Drawings
Basic 2D Toolset Yes
Full 2D Toolset Upgrade to Pro
Automatic Updating of 2D When Design Changes Yes
Automatic and Manual BOM Creation Upgrade to Pro
Automatice Title Blocks Upgrade to Pro
STL Export Yes
Basic 3D Import (IGES-SAT-STEP-SolidWorks) Upgrade to Pro
CAD-neutral 3D Export (IGES-STEP-SAT) Upgrade to Pro
Basic 2D Import/Export (DXF - DWG) Yes
Alibre Translate - Extended 3D Import (Inventor-ProE-Catia-Parasolid_SolidEdge) Upgrade to Expert
Alibre Translate - Extended 3D Export (Solidworks-Parasolid) Upgrade to Expert
Graphics Design / Other Export (OBJ-SKP) Upgrade to Expert
Moment of Inspiration (MoI) Surface Modeling Upgrade to Expert
Native Surface Manipulation Tools Upgrade to Expert
Integrated Data and Process Management
Windows Integration Upgrade to Expert
single Source Data Management Upgrade to Expert
Check In / Check Out Upgrade to Expert
Secure Access Upgrade to Expert
Lighting Fast And Robust Search Upgrade to Expert
Scalable To Large Deployments Upgrade to Expert
Highly Customizable  Upgrade to Expert
Remotely Accessible Upgrade to Expert
Automatic Notifications Upgrade to Expert
Process Definition and Enforcement Upgrade to Expert
Easily Connect to Existing Databases Upgrade to Expert
Further Integration With Office 2007 Upgrade to Expert
Design Verification
Integrate Motion Analysis Upgrade to Expert
Automatic Constraint Mapping Upgrade to Expert
Real Time Graphics Output For Forces, Positions, Velocities Upgrade to Expert
Excel Output For Motion Analysis Upgrade to Expert


Geomagic design has been rebranded as cubify design


Making Just Got Serious

Ratchet up your hobby projects with software that's anything but amateur. Geomagic Design Personal combines the maker's spirit with a user-friendly, powerful 3D modeling toolset. Better yet, it's more fun than the proverbial drawing board.

Waste Not

With precision like this you’ll conserve materials, so you can keep on inventing. And you won't clutter the workshop floor with unfortunate "mismeasurements."

Multiply the Possibilites

Versatile and convenient, Geomagic Design Personal is perfect for DIY, miniature models, RC, miniature engines, woodworking projects, and home 3D printing or CNC machining. You’re able to explore and alter your designs more easily.

Spend More Time Creating

Geomagic Design Personal’s dynamic capabilities are coupled with an easy-to-learn user interface that allows you more time to perfect your project rather than wasting time staring at user guides.

Perfect Fit the First Time

Don’t squander your weekend doing tedious recuts. Alibre Design PE contains highly accurate measurement functions so your project is realized just as you imagined.

Advanced Visualization, Small Prce Tag

Now you can fit your project together and fine-tune it in a stunning, realistic 3D environment without taking the padding out of your wallet.