PrintStack Tandem

PrintStack Tandem

Tandem Stacker For 36" Printers

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PrintStack Tandem is the stacking solution for digital xerographic copiers.

It is ruggedly constructed for reliable, automatic retrieval of  original documents and duplicate prints in production environments.  Additional floor space necessary for the PrintStack Tandem is kept to a  minimum due to its compact size making it the perfect printer accessory  in any office environment.


Providing Productivity

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your current or new copier by  adding a PrintStack Tandem. Forget having to catch or dodge originals  or copies as they exit the scanner/copier. PrintStack Tandem provides  easy offloading of prints and originals without interfering with feeding  and handling of original documents. Prints remain crisp and neat after  exiting your scanner or copier, and the operator is able to concentrate  on the scanning or copying process increasing productivity dramatically.  PrintStack Tandem also improves online operation from multiple user  workstations by providing a sturdy place to stack multiple jobs that  have been run to an unattended printer allowing users to retrieve  prints at their convenience. 

  • How will prints be handled as they exit your printer? 
  • Who is responsible for collecting and distributing prints when 
  • more than one person is printing at the same time? 
  • How often will engineers or managers have to wait for prints to  exit? 
  • How do you or will you keep the prints in order? 

PrintStack Tandem is the simple offloading solution for copying or  scanning wide format engineering, architectural or other technical documents.


Model PrintStack Tandem
Media Size A to E (A4 to A0) (11"minimum length)*
Copy/Print Orientation Face up
Scanned Original Orientation Same as fed
Printer Print Sequence Bottom up
Scanner Print Sequence First to last
Media Types Bond, vellum, tracing paper, film
Capacity Up to 600 20 lb. bond sheets, any size
Standby When connected to active power outlet, green LED indicates standby mode
Operation Input sensor automatically starts stacking operation when first sheet arrives and automatically returns to standby
  after last sheet is stacked
Mobility Four (4) swivel casters allow easy positioning to the printer for rollaway
Power Consumption Standby 6 watts
  Stacking 22 watts
Installation Specifications  
Weight 120 lb. (54 kg)
Dimensions Width 50" (1270 mm)
  Depth 31" (787 mm), 21" (533 mm) extension
  Overall Height 2" (51 mm) higher than scanner exit height
  Printer Sheet Acceptance
  Height Adjustable at installation from 25" (635 mm) to 41.5" (1054 mm)
Power Supply Input Voltage 100-240 VAC
  Input Frequency 47-63 Hz
  Output Voltage 24 VDC
  Output Current .63 Amps Max
  Safety UL, CUL, CE
Electrical Receptacle USA/Canada 115 VAC, single phase standard, 15 Amp receptacle NEMA 15R