Artec Studio 13 Ultimate

Artec Studio 13 Ultimate

Maximize Artec's Algorithms

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INDUSTRY ACCLAIMED SOFTWARE for professional 3D scanning and data processing. Now new and experienced users alike can easily achieve high accuracy 3D scans. Making accurate 3D models has never been so straightforward. 


Maximize Artec's algorithms and use the software together with a range of sensors, as well as with all Artec scanners. 

Compatible 3D scanners: Artec Eva, Eva Lite, Space Spider, and Spider. 

Compatible sensors: Kinect for Windows V2 and V1, Intel RealSense F200 (IVCAM), Intel RealSense R200 (DS4), PrimeSense Carmine, ASUS Xtion sensors, & XYZprinting 3D Scanner.


High precision
Whether you choose Autopilot or manual mode, Artec Studio never compromises on precision.
Optional advanced settings
Artec Studio features a full range of advanced settings giving experienced users full control and flexibility.
Built with speed in mind
Powerful technologies to process your data in seconds.
Portable 3D scanning and processing
Scan and process your data all on a tablet! Combine this with the Artec battery pack, and you have a fully mobile 3D scanning solution!
Direct compatibility with CAD
Artec Studio features direct export to Design X and SOLIDWORKS, making the scan to CAD process even easier. 
Scan with 3D sensors
A great way to start exploring the world of 3D scanning: the Artec Studio Ultimate edition is also compatible with 3D sensors, such as Kinect for Windows, so you can learn all the skills you need to be a true 3D scanning professional.
Even new users can 3D scan black, shiny or fine areas
Artec Studio 12 now analyzes the surface of your object and automatically adjusts the sensitivity of your scanner to pick up even tricky areas for 3D scanning. As a result, even new users can digitize black, shiny objects or hair with ease!
For highly accurate results in a few easy, automated steps.
Scan your object and then enter Autopilot to process all your data automatically.
Perfect for beginners to achieve professional, high precision results. A great time saver for advanced users.
Object scanned with Autopilot mode
Artec Studio
  • Easy scanning
  • Fast & automatic processing
  • No compromise precision 
Easy 3D scanning in Artec Studio
Powerful 3D imaging software is critical to a smooth scanning experience. It quite literally controls how the scanner captures data and with what level of precision. Artec Studio features the most advanced 3D data algorithms which give you high precision in your results, while at the same time make 3D scanning intuitive and user-friendly.
  • No need prepare your object in advance, just point the 3D scanner and shoot.
  • Best in class texture and geometry tracking algorithms for the quickest and smoothest scanning experience.
  • Auto-continue allows you to stop scanning and then instantly pick up where you left off.
  • New algorithms for scanning black, shiny or fine objects with ease.
  • Smart base removal automatically eliminates the base on which your object is standing, even if that surface is curved, and deletes everything below this section. This leaves you with just the data you need, without having to edit it out.


Model Artec Studio 13 Ultimate
Manufacturer Artec

For use with Artec 3D Scanners and 3rd part sensors: 

  • Artec Leo, Eva, Eva Lite, Space Spider, Spider, plus discontinued models (MH & MHT series AG, AC, W2 and T2)
  • Microsoft Kinect for Windows V1 & V2, ASUS XTion, PrimeSense Carmine, Intel RealSense F200 (IVCAM), R200 (DS4) & SR300, XYZprinting 3D scanner.
Advanced Processing: Streamlined For Full Control At Speed
Features Include:
  • Global Registration: Up to 20 times faster than Artec Studio 11
  • Smart memory management for smoother processing
  • Auto texture correction
  • Texture mapping: Up to 10 times faster than Artec Studio 10
  • Texture healing brush
  • Expanded eraser options
Fast, Automatic Processing Features
Features Include:
  • Autopilot: A-Z automatic post-processing pipeline
  • Smart base removal: deletes even curved surfaces and all data beneath the base
  • Auto-align your scans: texture + geometry based 95% of scan data sets can be autoaligned
  • Fast mesh simplification

Easy Scanning
Features Include:

  • Scan black, shiny, fine objects: automated sensitivity for easy scanning and best results when using Eva
  • Eva maximum FPS boosted
  • Fullscreen scanning mode
  • Real-time fusion: object size - no limited to object size
  • Real-time fusion: tracking - boosted
  • Real-time fusion: improved visualization for easier scanning
  • Texture and geometry tacking
  • Tracking Alignment Correction
  • 3rd Party Sensor Support
  • Scanning on MacOS

Features Include:

  • 3Dconnexion 3D mouse compatibility
  • Glossy 3D model rendering: shows full details of scans
  • Full visualization on rotation
  • New UI design: new and improved
  • Optimized color settings
  • New background
  • Hints and hotkeys
  • Progress bar in Windows Taskbar

Project Compression Tools
Features Include:

  • Basic mode
  • Ultra-compact mode

Measurement Tools
Features Include:

  • Measurement tools: linear, geodesic, sections, distance maps, volume, annotations, CSV, DXF, XML export
  • Export mesh square and mesh volume

Direct Scan to CAD
Features Include:

  • Direct export to Design X
  • Direct export to SOLIDWORKS - SOLIDWORKS 2014-2017

Export Formats
Features Include:

  • Full range of export 3D formats: OBJ, PLY, WRL, STL, AOP, ASCII, Disney PTEX, E57, XYZRGB

Mobility: Tablet Compatibility
Features Include:

  • UI adapted for tablet use: Improved
  • Full functionality and support for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet

Video Card Compatibility
Features Include:

  • NVIDIA Quadro
  • NVIDIA GeForce 400 Series or higher
  • AMD
  • Intel Series 4600 and higher

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