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3D Printing For Universities



Utilizing 3D Printing For Higher Learning

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3D Printing is put to use for everything from manufacturing/engineering courses to visual and performing arts.  

Undoubtedly, many schools and teachers would like to work with 3D printing, but the implementation is slow due to the lack of knowledge. The application of 3D printers is entirely new territory for students and also for some teachers.

A 3D Printer is an invaluable tool for university-level learning. Students can print to simplify complex theories and learn about new technology while teachers can create models to teach subjects that are hard to explain in 2D like anatomy.



Benefits Of 3D Printing In Universities

1. Inspiring Innovators & Problem Solvers

3D printing technology gives students the possibility to test, create, and dream. Students are turned from passive consumers into active and creative users grappling with the possibilities and limits of the 3D printing process.

The key to building student interest in whatever subject you are teaching is to demonstrate how the knowledge will help or apply to them in the real world. 3D printers can tie material in your curriculum to real-world problems in countless ways.


2. Building School Community

The Additive Manufacturing community is a big one. In our time on campuses, we have been welcomed by hundreds of students who either work with 3D printers or are interested in 3D printing. There are 3D printing clubs, robotics clubs, SME groups, and more. 

3D printing allows students to work as a team for class projects or even solve real-world problems together. 


3. Hands-On Learning

3D printing is an invaluable experience for students to have the ability to use their imagination to come up with new ideas and print them into reality. The value comes from students being able to see their prints come to life in just hours. 3D printing and design inspires critical thinking through analyzing, making changes, understanding scaling, and much more.



We Can Help!

Source Graphics has been part of 3D Printing curriculums in schools around California and has helped implement many 3D Printers and Labs.

We offer Educational Discounts and constant support to anyone in the educational field. We stand by the idea that 3D Printing is the future and we're excited to be able to share our knowledge to help educate today's students.

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