Formlabs Complete Package

Formlabs Complete Package

The Ultimate Experience

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Complete End-to-End Printing and Post-Processing Package

The Formlabs Complete Package provides users with everything they need to take on any project and meet any deadline. Take advantage of the complete eco-cycle from printing to post-processing to support.

Formlabs Form 2 SLA 3D Printer

Industries are raving about it. Users are loving it. The Formlabs Form 2 has created a league of it's own. The Form 2 produces unmatched, industrial grade precision parts for real world applications. Perfect for a plethora of applications and industries, the Formlabs Form 2 has become the top SLA 3D printing option on the market.

Formlabs Form Wash

Set It and Forget It. The Formlabs Form Wash streamlines your 3D printing process to help you produce high-quality parts with less time and minimal effort. Parts travel straight from the Form 2 to the Form Wash. Opt to go glove-free and keep parts directly on the build platform. While you're away, parts are precisely agitate in IPA, getting every nook and cranny perfectly clean. A Consistent Automated Workflow in a matter of just 15 minutes.

Formlabs Form Cure

Form Cure provides a reliable, professional post-curing solution, precisely controlling temperature and light to cure 3D printed parts to their optimal performance properties. During post-curing, exposure to 405nm light triggers the formation of additional chemical bonds within a printer part, making the material stronger and stiffer. Heat accelerates this process and enables more complete bond formation for a fast and highly effective post-cure resulting in optimal material properties. Simply select the pre-installed Resin settings and come back to fully cured parts.


  • Form 2 Printer (including resin tank, build platform, and finish kit)
  • 1 Standard Resin
  • 1 Year Professional Service Plan
  • 1 Form Wash
  • 1 Form Cure
  • FREE 1 Year Autodesk Netfabb Software License

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