Space Spider

Artec Space Spider Handheld 3D Scanner

Perfect for capturing small objects or intricate details

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A new and enhanced precision instrument for CAD users and engineers, Artec Space Spider is perfect for capturing small objects or intricate details of large objects with steadfast accuracy and brilliant color.

The scanner’s ability to render complex geometry, sharp edges and thin ribs sets Artec’s technology apart. Ideal for scanning objects such as molding parts, PCBs, keys, coins or even a human ear.  Then export the final 3D model to CAD software.

Space Spider offers almost unlimited possibilities in areas such as reverse engineering, quality control, product design and manufacturing.

Originally developed to spec for the International Space Station, this next generation 3D scanner features powerful temperature stabilization and high grade electronics, which not only allow the scanner to reach maximum accuracy in three minutes – ten times faster than Spider – but also ensures long-term repeatability in data capture, since Space Spider’s accuracy is not affected by fluctuations in environmental conditions.

In Space Spider, Artec 3D scanning technology has been honed to perfection to ensure the best possible quality of scans and a truly robust device, making it possible to double our standard warranty period.


Why Use Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner?

What to 3D Scan?

The Artec Space Spider perfectly captures small objects with complex geometry, sharp edges, and thin ribs. Source Graphics worked with the team from Walking Dead using the Artec Space Spider to help build character models.


Use The Same Scanner As The ISS

The Artec Space Spider, made to spec for use on the International Space Station. Artec was asked to create a new version of Artec Spider which could be relied on for the most accurate and stable scanning results. The Space Spider would have to withstand the space station’s harsh environment for months and months on end. The result is the fastest, most reliable precision handheld 3D scanner yet.

Repeatable Every Time 

Higher grade electronics and a dramatically faster warming period, with temperature stabilization at 36.6 °C. Space Spider is a robust 3D scanner that provides long term repeatability and accuracy in its measured data in a broad spectrum of environmental conditions.

Ready To Scan In 3 Minutes

Every measurement tool is usually tuned to the conditions of a particular use case to achieve the very best results. Space Spider keeps precision in a wide range of temperatures and saves you time by adjusting to the conditions in only 3 minutes.

Fast and Precise

The Artec Space Spider processes up to one million points per second, far quicker than a laser scanner, AND produces exceptionally high resolution (up to 0.1mm) and superior accuracy (up to 0.05mm).

Extremely Portable

Incredibly light, weighing in at 850 grams (1.9bs) and battery compatible. The design of this scanner means you can really take Artec Space Spider anywhere, even to space!

High Resolution and Detailed Texture

Scan in brilliant color and high resolution (up to 0.1mm).

Real-time Automatically Aligned Scanning

Scan at 7.5 frames per second. Frames are automatically aligned in real-time.

3D Scanning Applications

Artec Space Spider is the perfect solution for rapid prototyping and manufacturing, as well as healthcare, the automotive industry, aerospace, quality control, heritage preservation, and graphic design.


Model Artec Space Spider
Manufacturer Artec
3D accuracy 0.05 mm
3D resolution 0.1 mm
Object size Starting from 5 mm
Full color scanning Yes
Target-free tracking Hybrid geometry and color based
3D reconstruction rate 8 FPS
Output formats All popular formats, including STL, OBJ, PLY, BTX
Weight of scanner 0.8 kg