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Professional, Precision 3D Scanning

Receive a precise, accurate CAD model from our Team in a matter of minutes! Using the latest, industry leading 3D Scanning Solution, Source Graphics will capture your design, model, part or project in high precision 3D detail.

Technology/Function | Structured Light

Our Team uses Structured Light 3D Scanners from industry leaders such as Artec and HP 3D. With Structured Light 3D Scanning, we are able to precisely fully capture surface areas of objects 360* all around. For objects with the most complex geometries, we are able to digitally capture the most intricate details. Our Structured Light 3D Scanners are fast, seamless, and best of all: mobile!

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    Industries We Serve
  • Industrial
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Quality, Control
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Aerospace
  • Healthcare
    • Orthopedics
    • Prosthetics
    • Plastic Surgery
    • Custom Wheelchairs
  • Education
    • Science
    • Research
    • Training
    • Online Museums
  • Design
    • Heritage Preservation
    • Architecture
    • CGI
    • Fashion
Scan It to the Perfect Size
Maximum Scan Resolution

100 microns | 0.1 mm

Smallest Capable Object Size


Scan almost any kind of material
Material Options
  • High Temp Resin
  • Durable Resin
  • Tough Resin
  • Flexible Resin
  • Castable Resin
  • Dental SG Resin
  • Black Resin
  • White Resin
  • Grey Resin
  • Clear Resin