ColorFabb 3D Printing Filament

ColorFabb filaments are well known for their consistency and quality.

PLA/PHA | nGen | XT-CF



Tougher and Less Brittle PLA 3D Printing Filament

Colorfabb's very own unique PLA/PHA blend which results in a more robust, less brittle PLA 3D printing filament. Like PLA, PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) a bio-polyester so the unique filament is still 100% biodegradable. ColorFabb's PLA/PHA is available in a wide variety of colors, take a look at the rest of the PLA/PHA portfolio.


Advanced Overhang Ability, Excellent Looks, and Large Printing Temperature Range

ColorFabb nGen is as easy as printing with PLA but with better results. ColorFabb nGen is predictable and robust with a variety of print speeds and temperatures, making it a reliable filament that produces high-quality prints with ease. This filament uniquely produced by ColorFabb resulted in low-odor and styrene-free by using Amphora polymer AM3300.


Carbon Fiber Composite Material

Loaded with no less than 20% specially sourced carbon fibers we have developed a very stiff and tough 3D printing filament made for functional parts. It is truly a professional printers go-to material, especially for users looking for high melt strength, high melt viscosity and good dimensional accuracy and stability.