Formlabs Releases Firmware 1.14.21

August 9th, 2017
Eljay Bernabe

Announced last week via Formlabs, the Firmware 1.14.21 has been released for the Form 2. With an ongoing pursuit of improving and redefining the SLA 3D desktop printing experience, the firmware update brings in quite a few new welcomed additions. 

Pre-heating time has been reduced on the Form 2 so users can launch print jobs faster and quickly start new projects immediately after finishing. Once firmware has been updated, Formlabs describes that three key actions will trigger the Form 2 to quickly begin pre-heating. Once you are ready to begin a print job, the Form 2's temperature will already be on its way to temperature, if not already print job ready.

Firm 1.14.21 can be downloaded directly from Formlabs by click here: Download Firmware 1.14.21.

Automated Pre-Heating Consumes Less Time

A successful print can be credited to pre-heating. The Form 2 heats the resin to maintain the optimal temperature before-and during-printing to ensure successful results, but the initial heating can take a while.

When idle, the Form 2's resin tank sits at a room temperature of 20* C. All Formlabs resins perform optimally at a incrementally higher temperature (varies depending on resin). However generally speaking, Formlabs recommends that 31 *C routinely gets the job done. The Form 2 needs to warm the resin by about 11 *C before starting a print to reach the best print results. 

Firmware 1.14.21 drastically reduces lag time as well by predicting when you are ready to print. This prediction automatically starts the pre-heating process.

Pre-Heating Based on Behavior

With the new firmware update, Formlabs incorporates a few tricks to make the Form 2 a more robust, smarter 3D printer as well. Thanks to the engineers at Formlabs, three specific behaviors have been designated to alert the Form 2 to begin heating up the printer. These three actions are:

  • Interacting with the printer's touch screen
  • Opening the printer's cover
  • Uploading a print to the printer

Any 1 of these 3 actions will trigger the Form 2 to begin the pre-heating process. If a print job is not started within 30 minutes after any of the three actions above, the pre-heating process is turned off. 

Other Updates

An additional list of updates that come with Firmware 1.14.21 can be seen here: Firmware 1.14.21 Release Notes