The Library Continues to Grow: Formlabs Grey Pro and Rigid Resin

grey-pro-rigid-blog-hero.jpg.1184x0_q80_crop-smart.jpgJanuary 8th, 2018
Eljay Bernabe

CES (aka the Consumer Electronics Show) without a doubt is the one time of the year to be extremely excited for the world of technology. Furthermore, it is also the one time of the year to be truly extremely excited for the consumer. For top dog 3D printer manufacturer, the first day of CES for Formlabs started out with a further pursuit of adding to their product portfolio. Formlabs proudly announced the two newest additions to the library: Grey Pro Resin and Rigid Resin!

Entering the Engineering spectrum of the Resin Library, Grey Pro and Rigid offer users even greater possibilities. Grey Pro is a versatile prototyping material well suited for functional parts and rigorous testing. Rigid on the other hand is the first glass-reinforced material, offering very high stiffness and a polished finish, great for precise printing of strong, thin features.

The introduction of versatile, advanced materials such as Grey Pro and Rigid fall in line with Formlabs' ongoing initiative to push the limits of 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

Grey Pro Resin

Grey Pro Resin features high precision, moderate elongation, and resistance to deformation over time. These characteristics make it a versatile material suitable for a wide range of engineering applications. Formlabs recommends that Grey Pro is perfect for applications such as form and fit testing, injection molded product prototypes, mold masters for plastics and silicones, and jigs and fixtures for manufacturing.

Rigid Resin

Rigid Resin brings forth a glass reinforced material with a polished finish and feel. Sporting the highest tensile modulus of any Formlabs resin, Rigid Resin is very stiff and noncompliant. Rigid Resin has good impact strength and high stability over time. Formlabs recommends that Rigid Resin can be best used for applications such as print turbines, fan blades, jigs, fixtures, tooling, manifolds, housing for electrical applications, housing for automotive applications, and other parts that require high stiffness, low creep, and high stability over time.

Both Grey Pro Resin and Rigid Resin are available for Pre-Order today. To Pre-Order, Please Call Us at 800-791-9042 or Email us at