Resin Tank LT

October 30th, 2017
Eljay Bernabe

Sneaky and innovative as always, Formlabs quietly and recently announced the newest addition to the Form 2 accessories line-up, Resin Tank LT. Resin Tank LT is designed for long-term use and is suited for the most demanding 3D printing applications. Unlike the standard Resin Tank, Resin Tank LT takes Form 2 users to the next level in 3D printing production management.

The current standard has been that a standard Resin Tank will last you 1 to 2 liters of resin material. This has also meant that Resin Tanks would need to be replaced routinely especially for users that are printing on an hourly basis. For Resin Tank LT, the new standard has changed. Resin Tank LT holds a 10 to 20x longer lifetime. Formlabs has integrated several new teaks that include more accurate printer detection, an enhanced ant-spill geometry, and an extremely easier wiper release - all for streamlined workflows.

Resin Tank LT works with all Formlabs materials, and is especially useful for printing at high volumes in a production environment. Some resins, like Dental SG and High Temp, are known to wear down tanks more quickly. For materials such as these, Formlabs recommends using Resin Tank LT. With Resin Tank LT, the ability to create and explore new resin formulations is made possible thanks to the new Resin Tank design.

To pre-order Resin Tank LT, please contact us at 1-800-791-9042 to speak with a representative. Please keep in mind that tanks will ship with a lead time of 8-10 weeks (per Formlabs).