Space Tech Expo

May 22nd 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Pasadena Convention Center - East Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91101

Space Tech Expo USA is a commercial and technical manufacturing expo and conference for engineers, buyers and decision-makers in the space industry.

It’s where the industry can source and learn about the latest materials, components, systems, testing services and manufacturing, design and engineering services, for civil, military and commercial space.

Space Tech Expo brings together the entire space manufacturing industry across all tiers of the value chain to explore new technology, see first-hand and learn about the latest technologies, equipment and innovations in space manufacturing, and network with the industry.


Who attends Space Tech Expo?

Engineers, buyers, program managers, systems integrators, designers and specifiers, from prime contractors, OEMs, manufacturers and suppliers of systems, components and testing services.


Why you should attend Space Tech Expo:

  • See first-hand the full spectrum of manufacturing technologies and solutions for space applications in one place
  • Explore breakthrough technologies and new innovations in space engineering, design and manufacturing
  • Assess the quality of new materials, components, equipment and technologies for potential purchase, and understand how they can improve the performance of space applications
  • Meet existing suppliers and connect with potential suppliers and partners
  • Learn about the latest megatrends, industry 4.0 technologies, challenges and opportunities facing the space industry, through interactive, technical and industry sessions
  • Network with your industry through structured and informal events designed to facilitate making connections and help you expand your professional network

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