3D Printing Solutions In The Fight Against COVID-19

Leveraging our collective resources.


What We're Doing To Help

3D Printed Face Shields

Printed on Ultimaker

3D printing face shields is a fast and easy way to get involved. On the Ultimaker S5 you can print 3 shields in two hours.

We are working with local hospitals, such as Hoag Hospital, to deliver these on a regular basis.




Discounted Rates For Prototyping Service


In addition to donating prints of our own, we are offering discounted rates for printing on parts designed to help the medical communities. Whether you're a designer prototyping a new helpful design or a medical facility needing parts, we can help you print.


What Our Partners Are Doing To Help

Formlabs Logo

3D Printed Test Swabs 

Invented by Doctors. Printed by Formlabs.

Printed on Formlabs Form 3



Currently Formlabs is optimizing swab designs co-created by doctors at USF Health and Northwell Health in order to maximize throughput in order to ship as many swabs as possible to health systems in need. The entire swab is printed as one piece. Formlabs continues to evaluate designs from other leading hospitals.

Validation Status

Formlabs has printed hundreds of samples of the test swab using the same biocompatible, autoclavable material as Surgical Guide Resin. These samples have passed a variety of tests at USF Health, which has received an Emergency IRB approval as well as authorization from regulatory, infectious disease, and virology, among others.

These swabs are Class I medical devices exempted from premarket notification requirements and require manufacturers to register and list the products. Formlabs will produce swabs in its FDA-registered, ISO 13485 certified facility in the United States.




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3D Printing Parts to Help Contain COVID-19 

More than 1000 3D printed parts have already been delivered to local hospitals.


HP’s global network of manufacturing partners is working to ensure that the 3D printed parts are available in any region around the world. Some of the first applications being validated and produced include:
  • Hands-Free Door Opener: Door handles are among the most germ-infested objects in houses, hospitals, factories, and elderly homes. This adapter allows for easy and more sanitary opening with an elbow. This hands-free door opener has been designed by HP's Digital Manufacturing Network partner Materialise.
  • Mask Adjuster: Many hospital staff are required to wear masks for long periods of time. This clasp is designed to improve comfort and alleviate associated ear pain.
  • Face Shields: Face shields are one of the highest-need personal protection items. Brackets to hold the shield and comfortably fit the wearer are a critical component.
Many more applications are in the testing and validation phase and are expected to begin production soon, including:
  • Field Ventilator: 3D printed parts for a mechanical bag valve mask (BVM) that is designed for use as a short-term emergency ventilation of COVID-19 patients. This simplified design enables a robust and less-complex device, facilitating its rapid production and assembly.
  • FFP3 Face Masks: Effective protective gear is needed for medical providers to treat the volume of expected COVID-19 patients. HP is validating several hospital-grade face masks and expects them to be available shortly. One example of face mask that HP is working on has been developed by the Research Institute CIIRC CVUT in the Czech Republic.




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