1. Overview
    In business since 1989, Source Graphics is a leading Service and Solutions company, specializing in the CAD and GIS markets. Our friendly and experienced Customer Service Team is dedicated to serving you.
    • GSA Schedule 70
    • GSA Schedule 36 (In progress)
  2. Federal Government

    As a leader in Large Format and 3D Design Solutions, Source Graphics is able to assist Federal Government institutions in a variety of ways.

    Our goal is to provide the latest innovative, cost effective technologies and supplies in the printing industry to all government agency clients. 

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  3. State, Local, & Municipal Government

    To meet the rapid ongoing needs for daily operations, Source Graphics serves as a reliable supplier to State, County, & Municipal Government entities.

    Source Graphics offers the latest industry leading wide-format printers, scanners, and software from numerous brands that include HP, OCE, ColorTrac, Contex, ESRI, and more. In addition, our Supply Department maintains a wide range of inks, design software, peripherals, and printable media.

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  4. Education

    Designing the foundation for the future is important! As education and technology continues to evolve, Source Graphics takes great pride in offering the latest technology, software, supplies, and service to allow students to further their education.

    Administrators, educators, and students can benefit from the many additional conveniences Source Graphics can offer to K-12 and Post-Secondary Educations.

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Authorized GSA Contract Holder

GSA Schedule 70
GSA Schedule 36 (In progress)
  • GIS/Software: 423430, 443142, 541370
  • Wide-Format Hardware, Service, Supplies: 325992, 333316, 423410, 423430, 423490, 443120, 532420, 541519, 811212
  • 3D Rapid Prototyping: 326121, 325199, 332710, 333249, 532420, 541990


Most Innovative and Updated Hardware

Source Graphics provides clients with the most innovative and up to date technologies in the industry. From an assortment of leading brand names, Source Graphics offers the latest models in:
  • Wide Format Printers and Scanners
  • Wide Format CAD& GIS Imaging Software
  • 3D Desktop Printers and Handheld Scanners
  • 3D Design Software

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Detailed, Efficient, & Industry Standard

With a heavy specialization in 3D Design, Source Graphics offers the latest design software currently in the industry. From a variety to choose from, clients can choose the software that best meets their project requirements. Available software types include:
  • GIS Software
  • RIP Software (for large file processing)
  • 3D CAD Software

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Always In Stock and Ready to Ship

Tired of back orders and long shipping times? Source Graphics takes the necessary steps to ensure inventory of our items are available at all times. Source Graphics possesses access to an extensive network of local and national warehouses across the contiguous U.S. This allows for customers to enjoy assurance of available inventory and speedy hassle-free delivery.


Multiple Services Available

With years of experience and continual accrued knowledge, our Service Team is an email or phone call away to assist our clients. In addition to offering quality and efficient technology, we offer numerous services that include:
  • Onsite Repair Contracts
  • In House Depot Repairs
  • 3D Printing and Scanning
  • Prototyping & Model-Making Services

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