1. Autodesk Netfabb

    Additive Manufacturing and Design Software

    Netfabb additive manufacturing software has tools that help streamline your additive workflow and quickly get from a 3D model to successfully printed parts.

  2. What's New?

    Autodesk Netfabb users can now take advantage of new features such as:

    • Topology optimization
    • Cloud simulation
    • Collaborative printing
    • Machine Integration

  3. Key Subscription Benefits

    Autodesk Netfabb Subscribers gain more access to a plethora of software capabilities and more:

    • Broad access to the latest innovations in tools, technologies, and services to fit your needs.
    • Better manage users and costs by providing access to the right products and updates.
    • Evaluate and analyze product usage, spending, productivity, and future needs.

Build Preparation

Ready Your Model

Autodesk Netfabb presents users with the ultimate design preparation tool.

  • Import, analyze, and repair - import models from a variety of CAD formats and use repaid tools to quickly correct errors.
  • Modify models for production - adjust wall thickness, smoothing rough areas, and more.
  • Configurable build supports - identify areas that require support and use semi-automated tools to generate support and structures.

Design Optimization

Perfect for Additive Manufacturing

For those specializing in manufacturing take advantage of design options such as:

  • Internal lattice structures - create lightweight parts with performance characteristics specific to your application.
  • Topology optimization - generate forms that are optimized for stiffness and weight, based on the loads and constraints of the part.
  • Integrated performance analysis - test how your optimized designs will perform using built-in Autodesk Nastran simulation.
  • Optimization engine - automatically verify and optimize lattice and skin elements to meet load requirements and reduce weight.
  • Selective space structures (3S) - fill solid volumes with standard or custom structures to create unique material properties for your part.

Metal Process

Simulation & Hybrid Manufacturing

  • Fast, predictive simulation - use multiscale modeling to quickly predict the thermal and mechanical response of parts and help reduce build failures.
  • Simulate the entire build plate - capture interactions between parts and the distortion of the build plate.
  • Produce compensated pre-forms - automatically compensate geometries based on simulation results to achieve the desired shape when printed.
  • Detect recoater interference - identify possible build failures with powder bed processes that may cause equipment damage.

Software Screenshots