1. Formlabs Form 2

    High-resolution 3D Printing. Laser-sharp prints with stunning surface finish. The Form 2 is your team's tool to innovate.

    • Build Volume: 145 x 145 x 17 mm (5.7 x 5.7 x 6.9 in)
    • Layer Thickness: 0.001 - 0.004 in
    • Laser Spot Size: 0.0055 in
    • Laser Power: 250mW

    Starting at $3,499.00 - Contact Us for a Quote or Order Online Today!

  2. Engineering & Product Design

    Desktop 3D printing empowers engineers and product designers to rapidly prototype in-house, saving time and costs at every stage of product development. With the Form 2, increase attention to detail in all areas such as:

    • Concept Exploration
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Pre-Production
    • Production
  3. Audiology

    3D printing has transformed the audiology space. Hearing specialists and ear mold labs are using digital workflows to manufacture higher quality customer ear products more consistently, and at higher volumes.

    Trusted for its precision and reliability, Form 2 SLA printing make it easier than ever for organizations to bring digital production in-house, and drastically speed up the process from person to product. Learn More >

  4. Retailers & Casting Houses

    Enhance your workflow and improve client experience! Bring precision to your workshop with professional 3D printing to rapidly prototype designs, fit clients, and produce large batches of ready-to-cast pieces. Cover all areas such as:

    • Digital Design
    • Fitting and Consultation
    • Rubber Molds for Production
    • Investment Casting from 3D Prints
  5. Educators, Researchers, & Labs

    The Ultimate Tool for Immersive Learning and Advanced Research. Inspire students with cutting-edge technology that's easy to use and manage. Accelerate research with a tool that's as powerful as your work, but fits on your desk. Use the Form 2 for:

    • The Classroom
    • For Fab Labs
    • As a Research Tool
  6. Healthcare

    Low Investment, High Impact 3D Printing for Healthcare. New tools and advanced technologies are bringing doctors closer to patients, delivering treatments and devices customized to better serve each unique individual.

    Affordable, professional-grade desktop 3D printing opens the door to high-impact medical applications, while saving organizations significant time and costs from the lab to the operating room.


Precise Models, Stunning Finish

The Form 2 enables you to print precise models with stunning surface finish - significantly smoother and more detailed than other plastic 3D printing technologies. Save time and money post-processing, and spend more time on creating.

At the heart of the machine is a powerful optical engine guided by custom-built galvanometers, delivering big prints with spectacular detail. A high precision laser draws parts at 25-100 micron resolution, delivering accuracy on par with industrial 3D printers.

Precision Engineered

Designed for Reliability

A new peel mechanism, wiper, and heated resin tank create a consistent environment and reliable print process. 3D print solid parts as well as small intricate details with high dimensional accuracy.

Automated System

Set It and Forget It

Spend less time worrying about printing more time focusing on what matters most: creating and prototyping new products. Our integrated resin system makes material management easy, and allows for large prints, less mess, and longer tank life.

  • Automated Resin Refill - level sensing ensures your tank is automatically filled during printing. No more pausing for manual refills.
  • Resin Cartridge Recognition - Form 2 automatically recognizes the resin type, configures settings, and allows you to keep track of supply.
  • Open Mode - experiment with non-standard applications such as embedding objects in prints, creating lithopanes, and etching PCBs. Enables support with 3rd party resins.


Engineered Automation

Post processing 3D printed has never been easier thanks to the Formlabs Form Wash and Form Cure!

Automated part cleaning with the Formlabs Form Wash. Form Wash Streamlines your 3D printing processes to help you produce high-quality parts with less time and effort. Learn More >

Form Cure provides a reliable, professional post-curing solution, precisely controlling temperature and light to cure 3D printed parts to their optimal performance properties. Learn More >

Always Connected

Control At Your Fingertips

Control at your fingertips. Easily send prints over WiFi, reprint previous jobs, and manage your print queue with a touchscreen interface and wireless connectivity. 3D printing has never been so easy to use.

Stay informed wherever you are. Your Dashboard allows you to access your Form 2 from anywhere. Simplify multiple printer management and transform your product development process with Formlabs 3D printing solutions.