FibreTuff Natural Bone Filament (2.85mm, 0.75kg)


Product Description

FibreTuff medical grade filament for producing anatomical bone like analogs

The 3D printed FibreTuff biomaterials in a filament have a bone like surface texture, as well as appearance similar to cadaver models - skulls, femurs, calcaneus, talus, metatarsal, skull cap, mandible, sacrum.

Mechanicals of FibreTuff

The FibreTuff I has similar properties to Nylon 11 or 12. The specific gravity of FibreTuff I is 1.08 g/cc. This filament for 3D Printing is user friendly and doesn't require extensive drying like other highly engineered resins. The FibreTuff is anisotropic, prints are stronger in the Z direction versus X and Y.  FibreTuff can be 3D Printed at a very high resolution with extreme accuracy for natural " bone like" appearance. 


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