Artec Studio 18 – Lifetime Subscription


Artec 3D’s industry-leading software has been improved in all areas to accelerate, streamline, and expand the applications of your 3D scanning workflow.

Unlock the latest 3D data scanning and processing tools for reverse engineering, quality inspection, computer graphics, and more - all in one place with Artec Studio 18.

The possibilities of what you can do with your scanner are constantly growing with annual updates to Artec Studio. You’re essentially upgrading to a new scanner every year, with game-changers such as slashing processing time and doubling the resolution of your Eva or Leo scanner with HD Mode.

With a Lifetime Subscription of Artec Studio, you provide a one-time payment for lifetime Artec Studio 18 only access. This includes any updates to Artec Studio 18, but excludes subsequent versions of Artec Studio.

To get the latest version of Artec 3D's award winning scanning software, consider the Artec Studio Annual Subscription.

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A streamlined quality inspection workflow

Artec Studio’s new deviation, tolerance, and thickness analysis algorithms help accelerate your quality inspection workflow and cross-examine your 3D scanning efforts.

2D section analysis
Break models down into segments and inspect them in-depth, area-by-area, with Artec Studio Section Analysis. Automatically align models and meshes, before deploying 2D cross-section analysis to find discrepancies. Designed to minimize deviations, this feature is perfect for ensuring accuracy during quality inspection or reverse engineering.

Automate defect detection
Identify inaccuracies much faster with Artec Studio’s new and improved 3D Compare Map. Don’t inspect a model’s surface manually, pinpoint its least accurate areas at pace, by asking our algorithm to search for maximum deviations in mesh-CAD pairs.

Updated deviation mapping
Artec Studio’s enhanced 3D Compare Map allows you to calculate the distance between mesh-CAD pairs in different ways – either along normals or from one point to another.

Optimize part thickness
Discover where and why thickness variations occur with Thickness Mapping. This allows you to measure thickness against a given reference, and ensure that narrow geometries aren’t at risk of breakage.

Tolerance Check Mode
Working with a part that needs to meet industry-specific tolerances? Enter Tolerance Check Mode and your 3D map will be re-rendered, with areas outside specified limits highlighted.

Mesh-to-CAD auto alignment
Before you can even begin inspecting quality, you need to align mesh-CAD pairs. This used to be a manual process, but in Artec Studio 18 it’s now automatic, requiring no user input.

Target thickness compensation
Compensate for the thickness of targets to maximize the precision of measurements captured with 3D metrology tools like the Artec Metrology Kit.

Advanced tools for all your reverse engineering needs

Artec Studio now features all the tools you’ll need to quickly make essential reverse engineering edits, including design fault corrections and product performance improvements.

Create draft angles
When 3D modeling or reverse engineering cast parts, you can now create a draft angle on their outer surfaces in Artec Studio, so they’re easier to remove without damaging molds.

Tools for tidying up
Very few parts have exclusively sharp edges – use Artec Studio’s chamfer and fillet tools to give models a level of polish, and provide finishing touches to reverse engineered parts.

Instant deviation analysis
While reverse engineering, you can now instantly check for deviations while extracting CAD shapes from meshes, without ever having to leave the Construct tab.

Move & offset faces
Whether you’re creating a gap to allow for deviations or changing a part to reflect design intent, Artec Studio’s move and offset tools are perfect for replicating and modifying faces elsewhere in the workspace.

Improved auto-surfacing
Autosurfacing was one of Artec Studio 17’s most popular features. As so many used the previous algorithm to turn polygonal meshes into models with curved ‘NURBS’ surfaces, Artec Studio has been equipped with a new version, to help these users achieve higher-quality geometry reconstruction.

Surface thickening tools
Reverse engineering complex objects with non-primitive, freeform surfaces? The latest version of Artec Studio allows you to solidify these by thickening the surface of a mesh or CAD model, and lend them greater stability in applications such as 3D printing.