Bambu Lab Activated Carbon Air Filter


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Bambu Lab Activated Carbon Air Filter helps reduce and absorb volatile organic compounds. Melt extrusion printers will generate VOCs while printing because the heating temperature of ABS, PC, PA and other materials is relatively high, resulting in more VOCs. Materials such as PLA with lower melting points produce much fewer VOCs during printing. These VOCs are absorbed by our activated carbon air filter.


X1 Series and P1S


The X1-Carbon comes with a carbon filter which is used for filtering the air from the enclosure before it is expelled outside. Here's how you can replace it:

1. Remove the plastic cover

2. Gently pull on the carbon filter to remove it

3. Install the new carbon filter

4. Attach the plastic cover

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Used to absorb volatile organic compounds
Working Life
1440 hours (60 days) cumulative printing time
Paper box, activated carbon
Package size
109*55*33 mm
Package weight