Bambu Lab Cool Plate


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Discover excellent adhesion and easy print removal with Bambu Lab Cool Plate. Perfect for printing PLA with a low hotbed temperature.

Bambu Cool Plate Benefits:

  • Works best with low glass transition temperature filaments as it can be used at a low temperature for the hotbed
  • Works well with the Automatic Calibration for Flow rate and does not interfere with the LIDAR
  • Smooth texture on the surface of the print
  • Excellent adhesion and easy print removal
  • Can be replaced by the user

  • Suitable for all Bambu Lab 3D Printer Models

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    Surface temperature resistance
    Up to 120℃
    Flexible spring steel thickness
    0.5 mm
    Package Weight
    320 g
    Usable print size
    256*256 mm
    Cool Plate sticker thickness
    0.4 mm
    Package size
    290*290*4 mm