Bambu Lab Dual-Sided Textured PEI Plate


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The Bambu Lab Dual-sided Textured PEI Plate is a flexible magnetic build plate with sprayed dual-sided PEI coating. During printing, the plate will provide excellent adhesion and easy print removal after cooling. Perfect for everyday use when textured surface finish is needed.

Bambu Cool Plate Benefits:

  • Dual-sided textured PEI for increased surface lifetime
  • Most of the time, no glue-stick is required for regular filaments
  • Nice textured finish for the prints
  • Excellent adhesion and easy print removal

  • Suitable for all Bambu Lab 3D Printer Models

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    Surface temperature resistance
    Up to 200℃
    Flexible spring steel thickness
    0.4 mm
    Package Weight
    320 g
    Usable print size
    256*256 mm
    Texture PEI coating thickness
    0.075 mm
    Package size
    290*290*4 mm