Formlabs PU Rigid 650 Resin

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Product Description
Whether you're looking to leverage parts for long-term use or elevate your prototyping capabilities, Formlabs Polyurethane Resins are designed to withstand extensive testing and perform under stress. Choose PU Rigid 650 Resin for pliable, tough, and impact-resistant parts that can maintain dimensional accuracy under stress. Polyurethane Resins have a longer window requiring additional equipment and set-up costs. More attention is needed when setting up prints and post-processing parts to get consistent, high-quality results. Supports print resolutions: 100μm and 50μm on the Form 3(B)(+) and Form 2.   For commercial and research use only. Not for use in or around households or residences, or for recreational purposes, or outside of a commercial or research facility or institution.


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