A 24" Ultra High Quality, Fast And Easy Large Format Printing Solution.

With the imagePROGRAF iPF6100 printer, brilliant color, sophisticated print-head technology, and high-speed output are brought together into a high-performance large-format printing system.

The new iPF6100 printer is equipped with the ability to recalibrate itself to the original optimal factory settings and apply any necessary adjustments across the printer’s media types. This creates a more stable, predictable printing platform on which superior results can be consistently achieved.

Sophisticated color science is made simple by a sensor that scans and reads test patterns;makes calculations for color density, light, and media; and then automatically applies any needed adjustments across the print profiles for the media types. The profiles applied by the iPF6100 printer have been specifically optimized by Canon to address the unique requirements of printing large format images. The result is reliable color reproduction across the media types, from machine to machine, print to print, day after day.

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Model iPF6100





FINE (Full-photolithography Ink-jet Nozzle Engineering)


Two Print-Heads (Total 12 Colors)

6 Colors per Print-Head

Print-Head (A) Y/PC/C/PGY/GY/MBK

Print-Head (B) PM/M/BK/R/G/B

Number of Nozzles

2,560 per Color (30,720 Total)

Droplet Size

4 Picoliter

Nozzle Pitch (Head Resolution)

1,200 dpi

Print-Head Swath

1.07 inch

Print Resolution (Max.)

2400 x 1200 dpi

Ink Type

LUCIA Ink (Pigment-based)

Ink Tank

PFI-101 (C, M, Y, PC, PM, R, G, B)

PFI-103 (BK, MBK, GY, PGY)


Cyan, Photo Cyan, Magenta, Photo Magenta, Yellow,

Black, Matte Black, Red, Green, Blue, Gray, Photo Gray

Ink Tank Capacity*

130ml per Color

Ink Supply Method

Tubing System

Nozzle Recovery System

Non-firing Nozzle Detection and Compensation

Print Controller

L-COA Controller

Printer Memory



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