PlotWave 3000/3500 Series

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The PlotWave 3000 series offers flexible technical document management for professionals. With automatic roll width detection and easy paper feeding, media loading couldn’t be easier. Automatic roll switching quickly changes between media rolls and positions the image in the correct location. Intelligent automation utilizes the power under the hood and tunes it to support high performance. Robust security features help safeguard your data. With its small footprint, ergonomics, and clean, closed toner system, a PlotWave series technical document printer is an excellent fit in busy departmental or workgroup environments.

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Model PlotWave 3000/3500
Manufacturer Océ

Standard System Configuration

1-roll (standard) or 2-roll printing system: Productive large format monochrome printer with ClearConnect multitouch user panel.

Stacking system: Integrated Top Delivery Tray. Up to 100 sheets E-size/A0.

Tilt and Swivel ClearConnect multitouch user interface: Consistent look and feel from every angle of your workflow, standard, including Smart Inbox, SmartAccess, and Live Preview

Roll media switching: Fully automated roll media switch to guide the media to the Top Delivery Tray or back output depending on the user application.

Optional System Configurations

Office space saving scanning system: Scanner Express with Image Logic technology, integrated scanner positioned on top of the printer to save office space.

Stacking systems: Stacker Select, 400-sheet capacity

Roll media capacity upgrade: 2-roll option doubles media capacity from 1,950 to 3,900 sq. ft. (182 to 365 m).

Removable hard disk: For secure environments, hard disk can easily be removed from the printer system to help secure data integrity.


Imaging technology: Electrophotography (LED) with Organic photoconductor (OPC). Radiant Fusing Technology with instant warm-up. Clean toner refill system. Virtually no ozone emission.

Fusing technology: Instant warm-up, contactless fusing, low power consumption (heating on-demand).

Toner/type: Black toner: 800 grams per toner kit (400 grams/ bottle).


Speed (print and copy): PlotWave 3000: 4-D/A1-sizes2 per minute; 2-E/A0 sizes3 per minute| PlotWave 3500: 6-D/A1-sizes2 per minute; 3-E/A0 sizes3 per minute

First print out time: <40 seconds

First copy out time: <40 seconds

1:1 Line accuracy: < 0.3%


Print resolution: 600 x 1200 dpi

Minimum line width (ISO/IEC 13660:2001E): 0.00236″ (0.06 mm)

Size and Weight

Size main engine (WxDxH): 61.6″ x 31.7″ x 59.2″ (1563 mm x 803 mm x 1503 mm) (Height of 59.2″ includes Top Delivery Tray) 

Shipping dimensions (WxDxH): 58” x 34” x 50” (1470 x 850 x 1280 mm)

Weight main engine: 485 lb. (220 kg)

Shipping weight main engine: 597 lb. (271 kg) 

Media Handling

Media capacity: 1 or 2 rolls; manual feed of cutsheet media

Maximum media capacity: 1 roll (650′ L x 36″ W): 1,950 sq. ft. If 2 rolls: 3,900 sq. ft

Media weight: Bond: 16–28 lb.(60–110g/m2 ). Film: 3.5 mil.

Roll width: 11″–36″ (11″,12″,15″,17″,18″,21″,22″,24″,30″,34″,36″) (279-914mm)

Media Types: Paper: Engineering Bond, Vellum, Recycled Bond, Tinted Bond Xtreme #27 Bond Film: Polyester 3.5 mil

 Cutsheet media type: Paper: Engineering Bond, Recycled Bond, Tinted Bond Xtreme #27 Bond