BigRep PLX Filament


Product Description


BigRep’s PLX filament is a PLA-derived, general-use bio performance material for open-environment 3D printing. An innovative and robust thermoplastic filament, PLX can print up to 80% faster than a standard PLA material with no modification to the 3D printer at a strength that exceeds the typical mechanical properties of even ABS-printed parts – enabling industrial additive manufacturing in large-format at unprecedented speeds. PLX is incredibly versatile, allowing printer settings to be tuned for either incredible speeds or beautifully smooth surface finishes. PLX delivers consistent, quality results that make it a reliable material for large-format printing in any industry.
As a material derived from organic compounds, PLX is biodegradable under the correct conditions. CO2 neutral and environmentally friendly, it has a much lower ecological impact than other plastics derived from fossil fuels.



Model 10000861, 10000862, 10000863, 10000864, 10000865, 10000866
Manufacturer BigRep

Physical Properties

Material Polyactic Acid Blend
Filament Net Weight 2.5, 4.5, 8.0 kg
Diameter 2.85 mm
Density 1.25 g/cm³
Flexural Modulus (ISO 527) 2800 MPa
Tensile Strength (ISO 527) 47 MPa
Breaking Stress (ISO 527) 3000 MPa


Recommended Printing Conditions

Nozzle Temperature 210 – 220°C
Print Bed Temperature 60°C
Printing Speed 40 – 120 mm/s