BigRep TPU Black Filament


Product Description


TPU-based material “PRO FLEX” opens up a wealth of possibilities for manufacturers and customers, to use a flexible engineering material that has been expertly developed and tested to work in connection with BigRep’s largest industrial 3D printer, the BigRep ONE, on its standard 1 mm extruder. More machine combinations will follow. Pro FLEX has a Shore 98 A on the Shore Hardness scale.

PRO FLEX has high-temperature resistance, as well as commendably low-temperature impact resistance. The durable material has excellent damping behavior and dynamic properties, enabling companies to explore a broader range of manufacturing opportunities.

Printing elastomers is clearly one of the biggest challenges in the FFF AM industry, so we are proud to have found an industrial-grade solution. In terms of applications with PRO FLEX, we see high potential for 3D printing in fields like footwear, custom vibration dampers, and seals, due to its high chemical resistance.”



Model 4260445831201
Manufacturer BigRep
Filament Net Weight 2.0 kg
Material TPU
Density 1.2 g/cm³
Diameter 2.85 mm
Print Temperature Guideline 195 – 230 °C
Heating Bed 0 – 60°C
Vicat Softening Point (ISO 306) 115°C
Tensile Strength (ISO 527) 40 MPa
Tear Strength (ISO 34-1B) 175 kN/m
Ultimate Elongation (ISO 527) 470%

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