Verdi Twin


Are you dealing with oversized, time-sensitive and detail oriented projects that require seamless splices, crisp cuts and square edges? Standing over 10 feet tall with 8' and 10' cut length capabilities, the Verdi Twin can help you produce perfectly matched panels every time with the push of a button.

Two Cutters In One 

The only of its kind with two multi-substrate cutters in one, the Verdi Twin has a power saw and a pneumatic utility blade cutter. No adjustments, no replacements, no tools needed.

Save Time. Save Money. Increase Productivity.

The Verdi Twin’s state-of-the-art features were designed for timesaving efficiency, allowing operators to do more, and do it with perfection every time:

  • Multi-roller design eliminates the awkwardness associated with handling large panels and prohibits smaller panels from slipping into roller gaps.
  • Saw blade automatically returns to the upper position after a cut. No need for manual adjustments.
  • Dual saw and pneumatic cutting system requires no cutting head changes between materials. Just push button and cut. (Air compressor for the pneumatic cutter not included.)
  • 22 mm cutting depth allows for the cutting of multiple boards at once.
  • Versatile design means no cutting limitations – on sheets of 5' x 10', the Verdi can cut either the 5- or 10-foot side.

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