BigRep High-Performance Filaments

BigRep delivers the most advanced 3D printing materials for a wide range of custom use cases.

ASA | PLA | TPU | PRO HTPETG | PVA | Hi-TEMP | Pro HS | PLX | BVOH | Polyamid PA6/66 | PET-CF


ABS Filament

A familiar automotive manufacturing material now specialized for industrial AM, BigRep ABS is a high-strength filament suitable for mobility and a variety of white-goods and consumer appliances.

ASA Filament

BigRep ASA is an engineering-grade UV-resistant filament for high-strength and environmentally exposed applications.

PLA Filament

PLA is an “easy to use” 3D printer filament in comparison to other polymers. It can be printed using low to moderate temperatures and higher speed rates via FFF/FDM.

TPU Pro-Flex Filament

Flexible Material With Engineering Properties

PRO HT Filament

With a softening resistance up to 115 °C, it has a significant increase in temperature resistance compared to the average PLA; making it ideal for practical, end-use applications.

PETG Filament

When it comes to projects with higher requirements in terms of strength, toughness and thermal resistance, PETG is the material of choice.

PVA Water-Soluble Support Material

PVA dissolves easily in warm water, freeing the object from the support structure. It is nontoxic and safe to dissolve into regular sinks or onto the ground outdoors.

Pro HS High-Speed

The same mechanical properties as PLA but with a high extrusion rate, enabling large-scale 3D printing at higher speed.

PLX Filament

PLX can print up to 80% faster than a standard PLA material with no modification to the 3D printer at a strength that exceeds the typical mechanical properties of even ABS-printed parts

BVOH Advanced Water-Soluble Support Material

It has been optimized for improved melt flow, eliminating concerns of hotend clogging that come with other soluble filaments.

Polyamid PA6/66

Light-weight thermoplastic material with high rigidity, and high resistance to heat and chemicals.

PET-CF Filament

PET-CF is a reliable and easy to use carbon fiber reinforced material for environments with limited control like a factory floor.