ColorFabb 3D Printing Filament

ColorFabb filaments are well known for their consistency and quality.

nGen | XT-CF



Advanced Overhang Ability, Excellent Looks, and Large Printing Temperature Range

ColorFabb nGen is as easy as printing with PLA but with better results. ColorFabb nGen is predictable and robust with a variety of print speeds and temperatures, making it a reliable filament that produces high-quality prints with ease. This filament uniquely produced by ColorFabb resulted in low-odor and styrene-free by using Amphora polymer AM3300.


Carbon Fiber Composite Material

Loaded with no less than 20% specially sourced carbon fibers we have developed a very stiff and tough 3D printing filament made for functional parts. It is truly a professional printers go-to material, especially for users looking for high melt strength, high melt viscosity and good dimensional accuracy and stability.

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