Dark Blue

ColorFabb nGen - Dark Blue (2.85mm, 0.75kg)

A very popular color

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ColorFabb's nGen Dark Blue is a very versatile color and maintains a level of elegance that other dark colors lack. This color remains a very popular color that we cannot recommend enough.

ColorFabb nGen is as easy as printing with PLA but with better results. ColorFabb nGen is predictable and robust with a variety of print speeds and temperatures, making it a reliable filament that produces high-quality prints with ease. This filament uniquely produced by ColorFabb resulted in low-odor and styrene-free by using Amphora polymer AM3300.


ColorFabb nGen Dark Blue Features

At ColorFabb, they have a well equipped 3D printing studio with many popular FDM 3D printers. They test regularly to ensure their materials will give you excellent results and to help you get these results here are tips and tricks for using ColorFabb 3D printing filament.

Advised 3D printing temperature:

Advised 3D print speed:
40 - 70 mm/s

Advised Heated bed

Build Plate 
ColorFabb nGen produces the best results on a heated build plate, 75C to about 85C is needed for good adhesion to a glass build plate. Printing on a cold build plate is possible but use adhesion tools to minimize warping.


Manufacturer ColorFabb


ColorFabb nGen Dark Blue Specifications

ColorFabb nGen

Diameter Tolerance
± 0.05 mm

1.20 g·cm-3

Glass Transition Temperature

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