Shining Silver

ColorFabb PLA / PHA - Shining Silver (2.85mm, 0.75kg)

Easy to print. Best finish. Really strong.

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This filament is perfect to print robots, space crafts, or maybe delicate jewelry. ColorFabb's Shining Silver is a beautiful dark silver color that makes your project look impressive.

Colorfabb's very own unique PLA/PHA blend which results in a more robust, less brittle PLA 3D printing filament. Like PLA, PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) a bio-polyester so the unique filament is still 100% biodegradable. ColorFabb's PLA/PHA is available in a wide variety of colors, take a look at the rest of the PLA/PHA portfolio.


ColorFabb PLA/PHA Shining Silver Features


In-house production
All ColorFabb 3D printing filament is produced in their own production facility in the Netherlands. Because no external companies are involved in the manufacturing of ColorFabb's filament, we can ensure consistent quality every time.

Excellent diameter tolerance
A significant machine in our production is the laser measurement systems used to check the diameter of our filament real-time during manufacturing. Your filament is tested more than a thousand times per second and lets us guarantee that every single spool of ColorFabb filament produced within exceptional tolerance. ColorFabb can guarantee that 0.05mm +/- on both 2.85mm and 1.75mm ColorFabb filament, which means you can be assured that your printer is extruding the exact amount of material it needs.

Unique Packaging
Only minutes after production, each spool of ColorFabb 3D printing filament gets sealed airtight. To go the extra mile, ColorFabb also seals the fancy cardboard box that we use to ship our product. You can be sure the ColorFabb filament is fresh and ready for 3D printing when you’re done unboxing it.

Testing is done in-house

The ColorFabb Testlab uses a wide range of popular 3D printers to ensure that it works effortlessly with all printers. They continuously test on our 3D printers to keep checking the quality of the materials they produce and keep making exciting new filaments for the maker community.


Model 8719033551695
Manufacturer ColorFabb


ColorFabb PLA/PHA Shining Silver Specifications

ColorFabb PLA/PHA

Diameter Tolerance
± 0.05 mm

1.210-1.430 g·cm-3

Glass Transition Temperature

Advised 3d Printing Temperature

Advanced 3D Printing Speeds
40-100 mm/s

Heated Bed Temperature (not required)

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