Kimya 3D Printing Filaments

Every 3D filament has its own unique chemical and mechanical properties.

PETG Carbon | PETG-S | ABS-ESD | PLA-R | TPU-92A


Kimya PETG-Carbon Filament

Carbon-Fiber Reinforced PETG Filament

Kimya PETG-S Filament

The Kimya PETG-S 3D Filament offers the perfect balance of flexibility and strength.

Kimya ABS-ESD Filament

The ABS ESD is ideal for applications that require protection against electrostatic discharges.

Kimya PLA-R Filament

PLA-R is a recycled filament for prototypes, design printings.

Kimya TPU-92A Filament

TPU-92A OWA is part of the TPE family of materials; polymers that combine the elastic properties of elastomers with the reversible property of thermoplastics. They can in fact be softened by heating and hardened by cooling as many times as necessary.