Ultimaker 0.25 Print Core AA

Ultimaker Print Core - AA 0.25mm

ACS-200454 Compatible with Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker 3 Extended, Ultimaker S3, Ultimaker S5


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Ultimaker Print Cores are used with the Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker 3 Extended, Ultimaker S3 and Ultimaker S5 3D printers. The Print Core AA (Build Core) is used for fabrication of the actual object, whereas the Print Core BB aka the Support Core is used for creating dissolvable supports. Maximize your uptime with new, swappable Ultimaker Print Cores. Achieve extra fine detail with a swappable 0.25 mm print core AA when printing build materials including Nylon, PLA, CPE, ABS, and PP.

Important Note: Ultimaker does not support swapping the nozzles on Ultimaker print cores. The Nozzle is integrated as part of the Print Core. Trying to change the nozzle on a print core can result in damage to the internal components and will void the warranty.


  • Material-matching. Get consistent, high-quality 3D printing results with customized nozzle geometry per material, whether it’s an engineering build material or water-soluble support. Quick-to-change. Quickly swap print cores and switch between different material combinations for a more time-efficient workflow.

  • More materials. Select from a broad portfolio of materials, including Nylon, PLA, ABS, CPE, CPE+, PC, TPU 95A, PP, and PVA.

  • Accurate temperature reading. Maintain the perfect temperature for an even better quality print – with automatic, accurate temperature readings.

  • Nozzle size choice. Choose 0.4 mm for a higher level of detail and surface quality, or 0.8 mm for faster prints.

  • Reliable and durable. Better 3D printing results, with a new silicone cover to protect the extruder.

  • Lifetime support. Wherever you are in the world, our officially trained and certified partners offer free support – guaranteed for a lifetime.

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