UltiMaker METHOD 3D Printers

Unlock innovation with the most advanced professional 3D printing platform available: the UltiMaker METHOD family of 3D printers. Print complex mechanical assemblies with real production materials with reliable 3D printers built for your toughest jobs.

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The UltiMaker METHOD XL bridges the gap between desktop and industrial printers, providing a perfect fusion of accessibility and performance. Meticulously engineered to create large, accurate parts, this groundbreaking 3D printer utilizes industrial-grade materials that match the precision of injection molding.

Build Volume: 12 in x 12 in x 12.6 in
Heated Build Volume: Up to 100°C
Build Plate: Flexible build plate, Heated up to 105°C
Material Compatibility: Print with ABS-R, ABS-CF, and RapidRinse Water Soluble Support Material

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An intuitive prototyping 3D printer at an affordable price. Print continuously for hours, days, or weeks, thanks to METHOD’s unmatched industrial build quality. VECT™ 65 Thermal Regulation gives you 2X the dimensional accuracy in real polymers and composites.

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Print manufacturing tools and production parts to spec with real manufacturing grade materials with the UltiMaker Method X. Patented VECT™ 110 Thermal Regulation evenly heats and controls the print environment leading to parts that are 2x stronger and 2x more accurate.

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METHOD X Carbon Fiber produces dimensionally accurate parts in Carbon fiber reinforced nylon – optimized for high strength, stiffness, and heat resistance making it ideal for structural applications and metal replacements.

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