Geomagic Software by Oqton

Automate your complete workflow, from scheduling to build preparation, to the creation of manufacturing travelers and reports with Geomagic advanced manufacturing software by Oqton. Oqton makes your life easier by offering the most extensive MES capabilities.

Geomagic Design X


Geomagic® Design X™ creates CAD models from 3D scans faster, more accurately and reliably than any other reverse-engineering software, enabling you to create new business value out of existing products.

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Geomagic Control X


Geomagic® Control X™ is a professional 3D quality control and dimensional inspection software that lets you capture and process the data from 3D scanners and other portable devices to measure, understand, and communicate inspection results to ensure quality everywhere.

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Geomagic Wrap


Geomagic Wrap® delivers the most affordable, fast, accurate path from point clouds to 3D polygonal and surface models that you can use instantly in downstream engineering, manufacturing, art, industrial design, and more.

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Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS


Geomagic® for SOLIDWORKS is a reverse engineering software toolset that plugs directly into your SOLIDWORKS environment, giving you advanced capabilities to make tools, point clouds, and polygons more usable in your design process.

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Geomagic Freeform


3D design software combined with touch-based haptic devices that transforms traditional handcraftsmanship into organic, digital design for custom manufacturing.

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