BASF High-Quality Materials

BASF’s filament offerings provide a wide range of high-quality solutions for 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals alike. From durable and versatile materials like PLA and ABS to specialized filaments such as PETG and water-soluble BVOH, BASF delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and innovation.

BASF Ultrafuse PLA Filament


BASF’s PLA filament is a reliable and versatile 3D printing material known for its exceptional printability, strength, and eco-friendly nature.

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BASF Ultrafuse PLA PRO1 Filament


Ultrafuse® PLA PRO1 is an engineering tough PLA filament, which stands for: Speed- Strength – Versatility – Consistency!

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BASF Ultrafuse BVOH Water Soluble Support Filament


Ultrafuse BVOH water-soluble support filament has been designed to easily dissolve in water.

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