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Formlabs Fuse 1+ Polypropylene SLS Powder, 5kg


Get your products to market faster and more affordably by producing genuine polypropylene parts in-house. Print high ductility components that can handle repeated flexing and bending, and are chemically-resistant for prototypes or pre-production runs that seamlessly transition into mass production of injection-molded polypropylene components.

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Formlabs Resin Pumping System for Form 3, Form 3L, Form 3+


Formlabs game-changing 3D printing technology: The Resin Pumping System. A plug-and-play replacement for standard cartridges that enables continuous printing for extended periods, resulting in reduced downtime and improved workflow efficiency on your Form 3 and 3L printers.

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UltiMaker PET CF Filament

Original price was: $145.95.Current price is: $139.00.

Create high-performance applications, from functional prototypes to manufacturing aids and replacement parts.

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Formlabs Fuse 1 TPU 90A SLS Powder, 6kg


Easily create flexible parts that withstand the demands of everyday use. Formlabs TPU 90A SLS Powder’s high elongation and superior tear strength allow you to produce functional prototypes or durable end-use parts in-house.

Compatible with: Formlabs Fuse 1+ 30W SLS 3D Printer

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