Océ Service & Maintenance

As an Océ service provider our staff is well trained in all the hardware and software tools to keep these systems running in Optimum condition at all times. In addition to hardware technical service the Source Graphics team also has a dedicated Océ Certified Software Application Engineer on staff. This resource is very useful to our customers when network application plotting, scanning, and related issues have to be addressed from multiple applications.

Our service team maintains Océ systems at some of the largest corporations in Southern California and has a proven track record of on time response, excellent troubleshooting and repair, at fair rates. Océ systems under contract are not simply maintained under a "break fix" approach, rather all such systems under contract are subject to at least two Preventative Maintenance calls per year, and more if the volume of usage is high.

The Source Graphics team approach enables our contract customers to enjoy the highest uptime on their Océ systems. Firmware and software upgrades are part of the maintenance contract, which further ensures systems compatibility and upward migration.

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