Formlabs Form 3L Unboxing and Setup

See everything that comes with the printer and how easy it is to install. After we unbox the Formlabs Form 3L, we go through the setup process.
Formlabs Form 3L Basic Package

September 21, 2022


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Form 3L Accessories


First, we have the Formlabs Form 3L Build Platform. The Form 3L build volume is 5x the size of the Form 3’s and the Build platform is nearly 2.5x the size.


The other two accessory boxes are the Form 3L cleaning tools and finishing kits. The cleaning tools and finishing kits include:

  • Rinse Bucket for holding IPA
  • Rinse Basket for agitating and removing your part from the rinse bucket
  • Rinse Bottle for rinsing your parts and cleaning internal channels
  • Disposable Gloves for wearing while handling liquid resin
  • Battery-Powered Solvent Pump for filling and emptying the finish kit buckets
  • Build Platform Jig for securing your Build Platform to a table while removing your parts
  • Flush Cutters for snipping supports from your parts
  • Removal Tool for prying parts from the Build Platform
  • Scraper Tool for scraping parts and resin from the Build Platform
  • Tank Tool for removing cured resin from the Resin Tank

Finally, for the accessories, we have the Form 3L Resin Tank. The Resin Tank comes in a nice, easy to store magnetic case. When handling the resin tank, make sure not to touch the film.



When you first turn on your printer, you’re welcomed with congratulations on the display where you can begin the setup process.  

Step 1: Remove Shipping Shroud

Remove the cardboard shipping shroud, that protects the rod going across the x-axis in the back of the printer’s internal compartment.  

Step 2: Attach the Wi-Fi Antenna

The Antenna goes right next to the power cord in the back left corner of the printer. All you have to do is screw it in, and point the antenna upwards. This enables you to connect to Wi-Fi.

Step 3: Select Wi-Fi Network

With the Wi-Fi antenna installed, you can now select your Wi-Fi network. Your printer will automatically show you a list of available networks, all you need to do is select the correct network and enter your password.

Step 4: Printer Leveling

It is important that the printer sits level so resin does not overflow from the tank during printing.

It is important that the printer sits level so resin does not overflow from the tank during printing.

Step 5: Installing the Resin Tank

You need to take the mixer and place it on the right side of that tank where the magnets click into place.

It is important that the printer sits level so resin does not overflow from the tank during printing.

Step 6: Installing the Build Platform

First, lift the locking arm that locks the Build Platform in place.

Then, align the Build Platform with the carrier and push until you feel it click into place. Now you can lower the locking arm so that the Build Platform remains in place.

Step 7: Installing the Resin Cartridges

The first thing to do is shake the resin cartridge to ensure the resin is mixed properly.

Next, remove the orange cover from the bottom of the cartridge.


Finally, align the cartridge with the left recess and lower it in. You will hear another confirmation sound!

Step 8: Register your Form 3L
The final thing to do is to register your printer online and add it to your dashboard using the code on your printer’s screen.
After you finish the 8 steps, your printer will initialize for about 60 seconds.  
Now, you’re ready to print
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