BASF Ultrafuse PLA PRO1 Filament


Introducing BASF's PLA PRO1 filament, a high-quality 3D printing filament designed for professional applications. This filament combines the benefits of PLA with BASF's expertise, offering exceptional printability, superior mechanical properties, and enhanced heat resistance. With its reliable extrusion, excellent strength, and biodegradability, PLA PRO1 enables you to create detailed, durable, and environmentally friendly prints.

PLA PRO1 ensures smooth and consistent extrusion, minimizing printing issues. Its remarkable strength and impact resistance make it suitable for prototypes, functional parts, and intricate models. Additionally, its improved heat resistance expands its applications. Derived from renewable resources, PLA PRO1 is a sustainable choice, reducing the environmental impact of 3D printing. Choose BASF's PLA PRO1 filament for outstanding performance, reliability, and eco-consciousness in your professional 3D printing projects.

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General Properties
Printed Part Density
1250 kg/m3 / 78.0 lb/ft3
Thermal Properties
Glass Transition Temperature
63.0 °C / 145 °F
Melting Temperature
170 – 180 °C / 338 – 356 °F
Melt Volume Rate
18.2 cm3 /10 min / 1.1 in3 /10 min (210 °C, 2.16 kg)
Recommended 3D-Print processing parameters
Nozzle Temperature
200 – 220 °C / 392 – 428 °F
Bed Temperature
50 – 70 °C / 122 – 158 °F
Bed Material
Glass, tape at low temperatures
Nozzle Diameter
≥ 0.4 mm
Print Speed
40 - 150 mm/s