BASF Ultrafuse 316L Composite Metal Filament


Unlock a new dimension of creativity and innovation with BASF Ultrafuse® 316L Filament, your gateway to high-quality metal 3D printing. This advanced filament is designed to revolutionize the way you manufacture metal components, making it accessible to engineers, designers, and creators of all kinds.

Why Choose BASF Ultrafuse® 316L Filament?
Whether you're an engineer pushing the boundaries of aerospace technology, a medical device manufacturer, or an artist creating stunning metal sculptures, BASF Ultrafuse® 316L Filament empowers you to turn your visions into reality. With its exceptional material properties and ease of use, it opens up endless possibilities for metal 3D printing, giving you the competitive edge you need in today's rapidly evolving market.
Join the future of manufacturing and elevate your projects to new heights with BASF Ultrafuse® 316L Filament. Start your metal 3D printing journey today and experience the next level of design freedom, durability, and innovation.

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Filament diameter:
1.75 mm / 2.85 mm
±0.05 mm / ±0.075 mm
±0.05 mm / ±0.075 mm
Bending radius:
5 ± 1 mm / 10 ± 3 mm
Spool length:
250 m / 100 m
Spool weight:
3 kg / + 3 %

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