BASF Ultrafuse ABS Filament


Are you searching for a 3D printing filament that combines exceptional strength with versatility in your projects? Look no further than BASF Ultrafuse® ABS Filament. Designed by industry-leading experts at BASF, this filament is engineered to deliver outstanding results for both professionals and hobbyists alike.

  • Engineering Prototypes: Test and refine your product designs with confidence, knowing that your prototypes can withstand real-world conditions.
  • Functional Parts: Create durable and reliable components for machinery, robotics, and various mechanical applications.
  • Artistic Creations: Express your creativity by crafting intricate and visually appealing designs with ease.
  • Educational Projects: BASF Ultrafuse® ABS Filament is a fantastic choice for educational institutions, helping students learn and experiment with 3D printing technology.

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Tensile Strength (MPa):
21.3 (ZX), 36.3 (XY)
Flexural Modulus (MPa):
1587 (ZX), 1767 (XZ), 1833 (XY)
Elongation at Break:
1.8 % (ZX), 7.4 % (XY)
Impact Strength Izod notched (kJ/m2):
3.5 (ZX), 18.9 (XZ), 18.8 (XY)
Impact Strength Izod unnotched (kJ/m2):
7.2 (ZX), 35.7 (XZ), 40.0 (XY)
HDT @ 0.45 MPa:
96 oC