BASF Ultrafuse PET Filament


Experience superior 3D printing performance with BASF Ultrafuse PET Filament, a premium choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Crafted by BASF, a global leader in chemical innovation, this PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) filament offers a perfect blend of reliability, versatility, and quality, making it ideal for a wide range of 3D printing applications.

Unlock your creativity and bring your 3D printing projects to life with the precision and reliability of BASF Ultrafuse PET Filament. Whether you're an engineer, designer, or hobbyist, you can trust this filament to deliver exceptional results time and time again.

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Tensile Strength (MPa):
17.2 (ZX), 33.4 (XY)
Flexural Modulus (MPa):
1826 (ZX), 1840 (XZ), 2063 (XY)
Elongation at Break:
1.1 % (ZX), 2.7 % (XY)
Impact Strength Izod notched (kJ/m2):
1.8 (ZX), 1.9 (XZ), 2.1 (XY)
Impact Strength Izod unnotched (kJ/m2):
4.1 (ZX), 7.7 (XZ), 12.3 (XY)
0.45 MPa: 63 oC