BigRep TPU Filament



BigRep TPU opens up a wealth of possibilities for manufacturers and consumers with a flexible engineering-grade material that has been expertly developed and tested to work with BigRep’s large-format industrial 3D printers. TPU boasts a high temperature resistance and commendably low temperature impact resistance. The durable material exhibits excellent shock-damping behavior and dynamic properties that enable designers to explore a broader range of manufacturing opportunities. Printing elastomers is one of the biggest challenges in the FFF additive manufacturing industry, so we’re proud provide BigRep TPU as an industrial-grade solution. TPU is ideal for cushioning and shock dampening, ergonomic features, and wearables. Soft, flexible products like footwear, shocks, and seals are ideal due to the material’s high durability and chemical resistance.

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Filament Net Weight
2.0, 4.5 and 8.0 kg
2.85 mm
1.2 g/cm³
*Elongation at Break
Tensile Strength (ISO 527)
40 MPa
**Tear Strength
175 kN/m
Heat Resistance HDT / B (ISO 75)
> 40 °C
Hardness (Shore)
A 98
Recommended printing conditions
Nozzle Temperature
190 - 230 °C
Print Bed Temperature
0 - 60 °C
Environmental Temperature
Printing Speed
>30 mm/s

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