C1 – Automated Support and Resin Removal Post Processing Station by AM Solutions

Fully automatic and efficient support / resin removal from 3D printed plastic components

The C1 system by AM Solutions is an excellent tool for the automated and cost-efficient post processing of photopolymer components. It is equally effective on precision functional components, design objects with extremely fine structures and complex prototypes. The perfectly adapted compound and the interplay between mechanical and thermal effects results in a highly consistent, effective and gentle removal of support structures / resin.

The standard processing recipes, already stored in the PLC controller, can be individually modified and saved. In addition, the C1 machine contains various features to guarantee the optimal use of the compound and to minimize the operating costs. These include a fill level control system and an integrated saturation (contamination) sensor. Key process parameters such as temperature, cycle times and the degree of contamination of the compound are continuously recorded and saved with a data logger. This ensures full compliance with industry demands regarding quality control and consistency of the processing results.

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Dimensions of the processing space (w x d x h):
340 x 440 x 170 mm
Fill volume:
62.5 liters
Subsequent dosing:
25 Liter
Recommended compound:

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